After 76 days in NICU, Baby Bane is FINALLY home! Thank God. I am so VERY happy. It feels so good to have him home. As we were leaving the hospital I was so scared they were going to find a reason for him to stay. It felt like going through those sliding doors was a dream come true.
Bane did so well for his first night with us. Dad came home from work and watched him for two hours, fed him, changed him, so I could nap.
I woke up gave him his meds. I was able to take two 2 hour naps with him. It’d have been a 4 hour nap if he didn’t have so many meds. He’s basically getting something around the clock.
My in laws cracked me up today SO bad. We told them doc said not too many visitors cause he might get sick so granda C made everyone see through the window outside. OMG I coulda lost it. My mother in law called me and that lady is so dumb but in a good way haha kinda like my sister. Like everything she says makes me laugh cause idk if she’s being serious or not. I didn’t believe her when she said to open the blinds.
The nicu nurses gave bane a cute diaper arrangement for being their most “geriatric patient”. It had over 100 diapers in it. My grandma bought me a huge 100+ pack and I got like 4 other huge packs from a couple buddies.
My sister bought bane some tricked out bottles and my aunt bought him some other stuff.
And that was just yesterday.
The last two months have been a long continuous baby shower and I feel so very blessed. The only thing anth and I will need to buy is his formula since he’s on 50% neosure.

I’m still in shock. My baby is finally home. :,)